Mission Statement for ALERT

The goal of ALERT Altadena Local Emergency Radio Team is to facilitate radio communications throughout Altadena and surrounding communities before, during and after a community-wide crisis. ALERT members volunteer their radio experience and training with Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Neighborhood Watch programs, the Altadena Sheriff’s Station, Map Your Neighborhood (MYN), Red Cross, Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), Disaster Communications Service (DCS), and National Traffic System (NTS).

More information:

  • ALERT team members can teach radio operations at your Map Your Neighborhood (MYN), Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and Neighborhood Watch (NW) Meetings.
  • FEMA IS-317 is a helpful online Introduction Community Response Team
  • AltadenaRadio. com web site has more information about all radios
  • Encourage your neighbors to practice with FRS (Family Radio Service), basic walkie-talkie radio, GMRS (General Radio Service) in addition to ham radio.
  • Involve your neighborhood in meetings that promote safety, first aid, communication, and emergency preparedness.
  • Know your neighbors; they are YOUR first responders during an emergency.
  • Prepare your family for resilience at home, in the car, at work or school

GoBox Radio and caseFood for three days to three weeks to three months

  • Water, one gallon per day per person at a minimum
  • Your pets will also need water and supplies
  • Plan for shelter during all possible weather conditions
  • Sanitation, prevent disease(s)
  • First aid training and supplies, minimize trauma
  • Written copy of your out-of-state contact and emergency family numbers as cell phone towers may be down.
  • Battery/generator/solar back up for your immediate communication, medical/household needs.
  • Know your neighborhood amateur radio people. Become an ACTIVE Amateur radio person.

ALERT monthly meetings are held on th FIRST Tuesday of the month, 7-9 PM at the Altadena Town and Country Club in the downstairs cardroom in the Players Lounge. You do not need to have your amateur radio license to add to our community meeting.

ALERT radio nets are held every MONDAY @ 8 PM on the TELCO repeater:

145.180 (-) PL 156.7 (input 144.580)


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