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AC100 is scheduled for August 06, 2022. We continue to support the AC100 so I am keeping the regular information here as a reminder of what we can look forward to in the future….. Contact Doug-WA6IFY ( or for information about volunteering at Cloudburst Summit with ALERT radio operators.

finish line is USUALLY in Altadena’s backyard… Loma Alta Park at 3330 N Lincoln Ave. We can do this! Scott-KJ6PCC is the lead radio person for the finish line at Alta Loma Park. Contact Scott ( as soon as possible as this event takes place on the first weekend of AUGUST 2022. He will need our help on Saturday afternoon until Sunday, around 2PM. Set your hours, it not necessary to stay for the entire day. Let Scott know when you can help out at the Finish Line. This is an opportunity to learn about runner track, packet, and how this immense project works to help runners “stay on the trail.”

We are looking for volunteers to help with the vital task of looking out for the health and welfare of the race participants by manning the finish line for the Angeles Crest 100 Mile Endurance Challenge, the AC100.  The finish line will start setting up late afternoon on the first weekend of August 2022. Finish line will continue from that point until the race ends on Sunday afternoon at 2 PM.  We are looking for ham radio operators to work anytime between about 1600 Saturday to 1400 Sunday.  This is an important task consisting of monitoring the health and welfare of the race participants, helping the public locate where runners are on the course, and recording the finish time of the runners.  We are looking for hams willing to spend 4-8 hours (or more if you like) helping in this vital effort.  If you are willing and available to help, please contact Scott, KJ6PCC, email and provide potential availability.  Scott will work with everyone to accommodate your needs and provide for the communication needs of the event.  Also, if you provide a T-shirt size, you can get a nifty bonus.  This is a great opportunity to practice your emergency communications skills.

2 Responses to Support Radio Events

  1. Michael Newman says:

    I would be glad to lend a hand, whenever required.
    I have mobile and HT for 2m and 70cm. no 220.
    Michael Newman

    • Nancee says:

      Michael… Thank you for your planned participation at the AC100 Finish Line. Please, go ahead and email Scott, check point leader. Some of us plan to come by finish line on Sunday. We have Cloudburst check point on Saturday.

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