AC100 Race Info


HAM Radio Communication

AC100 has been scheduled for August 06, 2022…

HAM radio operators will be tracking runners’ progress at each checkpoint. Arrival, departure, and drop information will be distributed among Checkpoints and to a database at the finish area using integrated radio communications and computers. This system not only makes it possible to locate runners’ positions throughout the race, it also facilitates emergency response.

Amateur radio operators of the ALERT (Altadena Emergency RadioTeam) have been invited to take responsibility for radio communication during  first weekend at Cloudburst Summit checkpoint for Angeles Crest (AC) 100 mile endurance run during the first weekend of  August 2022 Our primary goal and reason for being at the checkpoint is to the dedicated endurance runner who trek from Wrightwood to Loma Alta Park in Altadena. We need a commitment from 6-8 radio operators for this checkpoint. There will be a few meetings throughout the year and opportunities for practice with the necessary radio equipment (packet, runner track, HT’s and antennas). In addition to radio equipment and AC 100 procedures, we will need to be self-reliant for our personal  needs. This is emergency radio at its best.

Doug-WA6IFY is our checkpoint leader for Cloudburst. Contact us for more information about travel dates to Cloudburst and meeting dates/times.

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