Map Your Neighborhood

Altadena Map Your Neighborhood (MYN)

Building and Strengthening Disaster Readiness Among Neighbors


Neighborhoods that are prepared for emergencies and disaster situations save lives, reduce the severity of injuries and trauma, and reduce property damage. In addition, contributing as an individual and working together as a team helps develop stronger communities and improve the quality of life in the community.

During your own neighborhood block training you will learn:

  • The 9 steps to take immediately following a disaster.
  • Develop a neighborhood skills and equipment inventory.
  • Map your neighborhood to identify areas of concern such as water and gas meters.
  • Identify neighbors that may need extra help in a disaster such as the elderly, those with a disability, or children who may need assistance
  • To learn more about how you can be trained to facilitate your own Map Your Neighborhood meeting send an email to:



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