Summary points from ALERT meeting on July 02, 2019

ALERT meeting summary 07.02.2019

Summary points from ALERT meeting on July 02, 2019

  • Continue planning fo AC 100 @ Cloudburst with Doug (Maverick)
  • National Night Out: America’s Night Out Against Crime on Tuesday, August 06 2019 @ Farnsworth Park, corner of Lake and Mt Curve from 6-8PM

Support your local neighborhood/community

  • Continue to support Concerts in the Park, 7-9PM, Farnsworth Park @ corner of Lake and Mt Curve

July 13, July 20, July 27, August 03, August 17, and September 08, 2019

  • Discussion about the value and importance of MYN (Map Your Neighborhood)
  • Continue to encourage CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training
  • Continue to support neighborhood training/practice with FRS (Family Radio Service) and GMRS (General Radio Service)
  • Keep ALERT Facebook page up to date

“Regardless of the format used, the appropriate procedures cannot be picked up solely by reading or studying. There is no substitute for actual practice. Your emergency net should practice regularly–much more often than it operates in a real or simulated emergency. Avoid complacency, the feeling that you will know how to operate when the time comes. You won’t, unless you do it frequently, with other operators whose style of operating you get to know.” (Chapter One: Amateur Radio Emergency Service: 1.8 in section ARES Operation During Emergencies and Disasters).

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Nancee K8NBD

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